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Codabar Barcode

Codabar is linear, discrete alphanumerical barcode symbology designed to encode 16 different characters in addition with six special characters ($ : / . + -). It was developed in 1972 by Pitney Bowes Corp. Codabar uses checksum characters electively, hence named "self checking symbology".

Codabar is also renowned with other names such as USD-4, Codeabar, ANSI/AIM BC3-1995, Ames Code, Rationalized Codabar, NW-7 (Japanese name) or Monarch, Code 2 of 7.

Character set of Codabar Barcode

Codabar barcode symbology contains special character set including:

  • Ten numbers (0-9).
  • Six alphanumeric characters ($ : / . +-).
  • Four alphabetic letters (a, b, c and d).

Four alphabetic letters are employed simply as start/stop character, not incorporated in the encoded message.

Structure of Codabar Barcode


Structure of Codabar symbology consists of the following characters:

1. Four probable start characters (A, B, C, D).

2. A fine inter character space.

3. Data of the message with a slight inter character space between each character.

4. Any of the possible four stop characters (A, B, C, D).

Applications of Codabar Barcode

1. Implemented in photo labs.

2. Employed in Libraries.

3. United States Blood Banks also use Codabar barcode symbology.

4. Used on FedEx Air bills.

Generate Codabar Barcodes through Barcode Generator.

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