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ITF-14 Barcode

ITF 14 refers to one dimensional and high density barcode symbology derived from Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode font competent for encoding 14 digits. ITF 14 encodes GTIN (Global trade Item Number) to be implemented in GS1 systems.

ITF 14 barcode symbology is renowned with most popular names including UPC Shipping Container Symbol ITF-14, ITF14, Case Code, UPC Case Code, EAN/UCC-14, EAN-14, UCC-14, DUN-14, GTIN-14, UCC-12, and EAN/UCC-13.

Character set of ITF-14 Barcode

ITF 14 barcode character set consists of subsequent sections:

  • Digits (00-99).
  • Check digit.

Structure of ITF-14 Barcode


ITF 14 structure is a combination of 10 numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) with length 14 and check digit (calculated according to modulo 10). A broad black border known as Bearer Bar is enclosed over ITF 14 barcode to equilibrium the applied stress by the printing plate above the whole surface of barcode.

The ITF-14 barcode symbol contains mentioned information:

1. Digit 1 is implemented as packaging indicator.

2. Digits 2-3 can be employed for UPC numbering system or EAN prefix.

3. Digit 4-8 performs as manufacturer identification number.

4. Digits 9-13 might symbolize item identification number.

5. Digit 14 is used to designate check digit.

Applications of  ITF-14 Barcode

1. Applied to mark cartons, cases or palettes which contain items covering a UPC or EAN product identification number.

2. Corrugated boxes use ITF barcodes for printing.

Generate ITF-14 Barcodes through Barcode Generator.

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