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Telepen Barcode

Telepen is defined as one dimensional barcode symbology having the capability to encode full range of ASCII characters. Telepen barcode holds a checksum digit and extended in 1972 in UK. Telepen can also be identified with Telepen Barcode, Telepen Numeric, Telepen Full ASCII, and SB Electronic Systems Barcode.

Character set of Telepen Barcode

The character set of Telepen is consists of subsequent parts:

  • Numbers (0-9).
  • Small letters (a-z) and Capital letters (A-Z).
  • Punctuation Marks.
  • Non-printable control characters such as carriage-return, line-feed, horizontal tab etc.

Telepen barcode symbology has two diverse modes:

1. Alphanumeric mode.                 2. Numeric-only mode.

Structure of Telepen Barcode


Telepen defines four basic modules:

1. Narrow bar-narrow space designed for bit 1.

2. Wide bar-narrow space intended for bit sequence 00.

3. Wide bar-wide space used for bit sequence 010.

4. Narrow bar-wide space meant for bit sequence 01 or 10 (the sense vary, as a result 01110 is encoded as 01 1 10 where first and third module is identical).

The plan allows encoding all even parity bytes and proficient to still be employed for never-ending bit stream.

Applications of Telepen Barcode

1. Used in a variety of countries and chiefly in UK.

2. Telepen is also applied in universities and other academic libraries.

3. Military areas also implement Telepen.

Generate Telepen Barcodes through Barcode Generator.

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