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Barcode Printer

Barcode Printer is a peripheral optimized device used for fast, accurate and intelligible printing of quality class barcodes. Barcode Printers are very similar to traditional printers but prints only various barcodes in form of labels, stickers, ribbons, coupons and tags. Barcode Printers are light weight with appealing designs and easy to print thousands of error free barcodes in very short time.

Barcode Printers automatically reads any kind of barcode along with any graphics or text and print very precisely. Distinctive barcode printers are usually used to print barcode labels on basis of required resolution, print-width, length, speed and interface for multiple industries with high accuracy and by use of suitable material without any wastage.
Barcode Printers are leading in various industries including Wholesale Trade, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Public Safety, Government, Hospitality, Healthcare, Agriculture, Education/Libraries, Telecom, Postal/Parcel, Transportation and many more.

Printing Technologies

Widely used barcode printers apply one of two printing technologies:

  • Print-Head used to produce the heat that executes a chemical reaction in specially designed paper that turns the paper black. It is an inexpensive method for printing labels for temporary use.
  • Use Print-Head to originate heat for melting a waxy or resin substance on a ribbon which ropes over the label or tag material. The heat transfers ink from the ribbon to the paper. Long lasting, durable but slightly expensive labels generate through determined printing technology.

Types of Barcode Printers

  • Dot Matrix Printers-Printers print the barcodes by number of dots printed in matrix to build the series of spaces and bars. Easily accessible and less expensive medium for printing. Multi-pass ribbons can be used for printing which reduces the overall cost of printing. Several surfaces can be used for printing. Printed barcodes via dot matrix are neither durable nor water or chemical resistant .Allows to print barcodes without graphics.
  • Inkjet Printers- Proficient in high speed printing. Only specified material can use for printing. Installation is expensive due to its high volume barcode printing. To maintain the constant supervision is must.
  • Laser Printers- Performs as a photo copier and efficient in good quality text and graphics printing. Offers limited durability and not capable to print water or chemical resistant barcodes. Useless for small operations.
  • Direct Thermal Printers-Direct Thermal Printers are sensitive for environmental conditions but generates sharp quality print for all barcodes. Batch or single printing allows in minimal waste. Easy to operate and provides more durable and inexpensive prints of barcodes than laser or dot matrix printers.
  • Thermal Transfer Printers-Expert in printing of text and graphics rich barcodes either in batches or individual with long lasting durability. Less maintenance in comparison of dot matrix, inkjet etc. but costly than others and minimum wastage of material during printing.


Mostly barcode printer distinguished into three major categories:

  • Entry Level- PrPrinters are used for light duty and required for primary level. They ideally perform with low cost and low resolution solutions. Widely used to print barcodes for product identification in various sectors like hospitals, laboratories, inventory stock room, small volume shipping industries, EAN-128 symbology based codes, general information codes etc.
  • Medium Level- Offers better speed than entry level. Usually print at least 500 barcode labels in a day. Generally prints with speed of 12 inches per second in error free mode along with sound perfection. Commonly used in heavy duty industries including manufacturing, distribution, warehouses, high volume shipping sector etc.
  • High Level- Printers compatible for heavy duty, complicated and batch holding jobs. Preferably used in transportation, hospitality, ticketing etc kind of industries. Supports complex multi-symbology dependent barcodes with high speed>


Multiple connections available for multiple printers. Specific printers use distinctive connections as per requirement.

  • USB
  • Parallel
  • Serial
  • 10 BASE T
  • Ethernet Barcode Printer
  • Wireless Barcode Printer


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