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Barcode - Encoding Data Storage Structure

Barcode is a unique, advanced and optical machine-readable coded structure incorporates various numbers, vertical-parallel bars/lines of wavering widths and heights with spaces. Barcode comprises of multiple numbers and also alphabets in some cases. Mostly barcode follows a sequence of quiet section, a beginning character, one or more data characters, an end character/check sum and one more quiet section. Barcodes generation performs by various specified commercial barcode generators and generated barcodes automatically reads through precise scanners with commendable capability of tracking sales of products within various industries.

Barcodes are widely used in several sectors like manufacturing; warehouse, retail, postal, transportation, shipping, airlines, automobile, health etc. Barcodes are highly compatible in direct printing on any item like books, files, boxes, bottles, furniture, cards etc and frequently implemented in numerous areas such that packaging, distribution, published item, postal barcodes, identification of products for sale in shops, coupons, non-retail tags, pharmaceutical items, encoding web-site urls etc.


Barcodes commonly specified in two major symbologies, one of them is Linear/1D (1 Dimensional) and another is 2D (2 Dimensional).

  • Linear Symbology- Allows some pattern in which one starts with one character follows a space and continues with a vertical bar or vice-versa and other one is begin and complete with bars.
  • 2D (Dimensional) - Commonly designed in matrix forms with grid patterns by using symbols. 2D symbologies are more capable in data representation and image-based scanners used to scan 2D symbology dependent barcodes. 

Types of Barcode

Almost barcodes based on linear, interleave, stacked and 2D. Many types of barcodes available for usage, widely used are:

UPC, Codabar, Code25-Non-interleaved2of5, Code25-Interleaved2of5, Code39, Code93, Code128, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, Code11, CPC Binary, DUN 14, EAN2, EAN5, EAN8, EAN13, Facing Identification Mark, GS1-128/UCC/EAN-128, GS1 DataBar/RSS, HIBC, ITF 14, Latent Image Barcode, Pharmacode, Plessey, PLANET, POSTNET, Intelligent Mail Barcode, MSI, PostBar, RM4SCC/KIX, JAN, Telepen, Codablock, Chromocode, Chromatic Alphabet, 3-DI, Aztec Code, Small Aztec Code, ArrayTag, Code1, Code 16K, Code 49, ColorCode, CompactMatrix Code, CP Code, CyberCode, D-Touch, DataGlyphs, Datamatrix, Datastrip Code, Dot Code A, EZ Code,  Grid Matrix Code, High Capacity Color Barcode, HueCode, INTACTA CODE, InterCode, MaxiCode, mCode, MiniCode, Micro PDF417, MMCC, Optar, PaperDisk, PDF417, PDMark, QR Code, Quick Mark Code, Semacode, SmartCode, SnowFlake Code, Shot Code, Super Code, TrillCode, UltraCode, UnisCode, VeriCode, VSCode, WaterCode etc.


Barcode offers advancement in various industries due to effortless, minimal time consuming and accuracy kind of features.

  • Optimize operational efficiency.
  • Compatibility in data management and decision making.
  • Offers high level accuracy.
  • Reduction in errors.
  • Low cost consumption.
  • Minimum time utilization.
  • Quicker approach to information.


Barcode imparts an instant, exact and expert solution for uncountable industries. Few latest applications include barcodes are:

  • Used with database applications.
  • Applied on automobiles.
  • Stuck on pharmaceuticals and on medicines.
  • Use on stationary items.
  • Involves in various websites as hyperlinks along with images.
  • Paste on parcel or postal documents.
  • Emerged on variety of tickets.
  • Settle on various toys, grocery items, garments.
  • Used on numerous electronics products.
  • Applied on number of id cards in security depatments.
  • Used for telecom products.
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